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Are you an African immigrant  or born by an African immigrant parent ?

Do you live in the United States of America?

Please rate the following according to how seriously you think they are needed:

- Access to information that is useful to survive and to succeed in the US.

-Access to loan/credit/capital to invest

-The importance of teaching young ones here in the US about the history and the mythology of Africa

-Community support to raise and guide your children with African values

-Networking with other African immigrants either foreign born or US native born 

-Making your voice count about the political and socio-economic conditions of your native African country and/or African regions in general.

-The need to learn an African language even if it's not  the one your  mother speaks

-Obtaining knowledge and support on capital investment and/or how to start a small business

-The capacity  to become actively engaged in civic duties as a member of this society and also in advocating for your rights 

-Social connectedness that strengthens your self-identity as an African 

-Dating an African immigrant either foreign born or US native born

-The knowledge on how to invest your money back home

-Career counseling, job readiness training, and job search support

If the services listed from number 3 through 17 above were offered to you, how often would you utilize them?

-Support and advocacy on immigration and legal documentation issues

Please answer the following questions choosing the answers that best reflect your opinions:

-I trust people from African immigrant community more than others outside this community

- I feel like there is so much to learn about surviving in the US, but there is limited information out there.