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Dear Student,

You are being invited complete this survey about your experiences in and perceptions of education and the school you attend specifically. It should take 15 minutes to complete this survey. 

Your responses will be kept confidential with the following exception: we are required by law to report to the appropriate authorities suspicion of harm to yourself, to children, or to others. Your responses will only be reported in the aggregate, with no information that may identify you individually included.

Participation in this study is voluntary. You may choose not to participate, withdraw, or skip any questions you prefer not to answer at any time without penalty. 

If there is anything about the study or your participation that is unclear or that you do not understand, if you have questions, or wish to report a research-related problem, you may contact:

Roey Ahram
New York, NY  10003

or your school principal.

By participating in this survey, you agree to be a participant. Please click "YES" to continue to surveyÂ…. If you do not agree with the consent form and wish not to participate in this project, please click "No" to exit from this survey.