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1. I acknowledge that I will access and use the Catalist data only for research purposes.


2. I acknowledge that commercial use of the Cataist Data is strictly prohibited, and that excessive use of, or unapproved access to, the Catalist Data is prohibited, and will result in termination of the User Account (and may result in other disciplinary action being taken by the University)

3. I agree to keep data obtained through Catalist confidential and secure.

4. I acknowledge that the Catalist Data  shall not be used as a factor in (i) establishing an individual’s eligibility for credit or insurance, (ii) in connection with underwriting individual insurance, (iii) evaluating an individual for employment or promotions, reassignment or retention as an employee, (iv) in connection with a determination of an individual’s eligibility for a license or other benefit granted by a governmental authority, or (v) for soliciting survivors of deceased persons.

5. I acknowledge that I must comply with states’ requirements related to their voter registration data.

I affirm that access to raw data for the purposes of validation or peer-review of results, evaluations and analyses is permitted on a case-by-case basis, and publication or re-distribution of Catalist data in aggregate forms must include source attribution.    

I am interested in: